The skilled professional team at Bicanic's Joinery can custom build the perfect kitchen for you.

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Our friendly staff will guide and consult with you to ensure your kitchen is not only visually appealing but is also functional and safe.

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DIY? Bicanic's Joinery can also provide you with options to make your installation more efficient.

Cut 'N' Edge Painted Doors and Panels

Bicanic's Joinery offer a large range of painted doors and panels.
We can manufacture unique designs from your specification and we can also match most other manufacturers doors

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We can custom build wardrobes to any shape or design to suit your requirements

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3D Signs

We can produce a range of 3D signs for your property, business or other needs using either hardwood or processed timber.
We can create a unique design or use your own hand or computer drawn designs
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Wholesale Painting & Routing

We provide a number of wholesale services including:

2 Pack Painting
Clear Coating
Glass Splash backs
Verandah Brackets
Decorative Panels
3/D Carving & Engraving
Component Cutting
MDF & Melamine Cabinets

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Let our talented team create you the perfect bespoke piece of furniture.
Our skilled professionals can craft in a style that suits your needs whether it be modern, contemporary or classic.
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